Project Information

The Founder, the Lead, the Coach

The Revit Swat team was established in 2012 by Kelvin Tam (registered architect, NCARB, LEED AP), a Studio BIM lead in NBBJ’s Columbus office.  Kelvin has been using the Revit platform as both design and documentation tool since 2005.  As a strong believer in Revit, Kelvin has been trying to push Revit to the very limit users can never imagine.  Kelvin is a speaker at Audodesk University, the Revit Technology Conference North America and Australasia, and is a steering committee member of the CRUG (Columbus Revit User Group).

The Team

The team is formed with a number of architects and designers who would like to explore the possibilities of using Revit to do complex and unconventional modeling tasks which enable intelligent and efficient workflow for both design and documentation.

Our Goals

To elevate users’ skill set in Revit.

To elevate users’ interest and passion in Revit.

To encourage intelligent workflow with intelligent design.

One response to “Project Information

  1. Kelvin, Thanks for your “Dancing with the Stars” series. After the 3rd go-round, I was able to do it; the subtlety of the properties Box vs. the usual way? That, or my repairing Revit may have fixed the Adaptive Component Template. Interesting to see want I could do. Thanks again, Dan

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