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  1. Kelvin, We miss you. You taught us so much everyday. Stephen and I are looking forward to seeing new blog post. Hope Hong Kong is treating you well. Karl

  2. Hello, Kelvin, this is Carol from Hong Kong, I am working on bim for 3 years. I am inspired by your works, thanks for sharing, great work! By the way, may I join your team? I want to participate those interesting projects and studies.

  3. Hey Kelvin, I worked at NBBJ and worked on the Google project for a while. You helped me and Ben Doty out a couple o f times. It has been a while and I decided to try the Dashing with the Stars step by step process and have hit a snag. In both 2013 and in 2014 I have created the first adaptive family and loaded it in the second. However when I place the first on the node of the reference circle of the second, it does not activate the repeat command in the modify box. I played around a bit and noticed that adaptive families that had no parameters in them would allow me to select the repeat command and would do as we expect – repeat the object at each node (and if the number of nodes were changed through that parameter, the number of nested families would likewise appropriately change. However every time I created a test adaptive family and added even just one parameter (length for example), nested it into the path family, inserted it at a node, and then went to repeat it, the selection was greyed out. Thoughts?

    • Hey Charles, sure I remember you. Sorry I haven’t maintained my blog for a year since I went back to Hong Kong and stayed there for 15 months. I am now back on writing something on this blog. I guess your problem of adaptive component is in the placement of the adaptive component family. You have to make sure you use place on face but not place on working plane. Keep trying and you will find the secrets behind it. Please say hi to Ben for me:) Miss all you NBBJers.

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