Merry Christmas 2017


Greeting from the Revit Swat Team

Here are some parametric Christmas trees which I created years before but I tried to modify the family this year.  It consisted of only lines and dots before due to great number of geometries and huge file size if created with all solids.  I was trying to contribute my tree to Philip Chan’s Christmas scene, so I built it again with solid branches and leaves (modeled as spheres) for the purpose of rendering.  However Philip didn’t use my tree in his model for his scene.  Anyway I made my Christmas tree version 2017 set with 4 types.


Each type is set with different Leaf Radius, Umbel U Spacing, Umbel V Spacing and Umbel Division to give variation in the density of the umbels and the size the leave.


The Components


Component Parameters

The Needle



The Umbel


The Canopy


The Tree


The Tree Types




Looking forward to Year 2018 with exciting and challenging modeling exercises!

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