RTC North America 2015

Another great Revit Technology Conference.  This year I was so excited to see all the Revit “celebrities” in the 3 day event.

The Gods of Revit

What a great moment that Revit creators Irwin Jungreis and Leonid Raiz are on the stage with the early developers and users.


My Class

I was sharing with the community some tricks and techniques I used to create curtain panels which are driven by work points with x, y, z coordinates. I will show how to do it later on the blog.



The Revit Bloggers

Such a good chance to meet the Revit bloggers at the gala dinner.


Renaissance Man: Paul Aubin – http://paulaubin.com/category/blog/

The Greyer: Andy Milburn – http://www.grevity.blogspot.com/

Andekan: Jose Fandos – http://www.andekan.com/blog/

Philosopher: Philip Chan – http://phil-osophyinbim.blogspot.com/

OpEditor: Steve Stafford – http://revitoped.blogspot.com/

The Kid: Jeffrey Pinheiro – http://therevitkid.blogspot.com/

The Geek: Brian Mackey – http://bdmackeyconsulting.com/blog/

And certainly I won’t miss out the Revit Legend


The Legend: Marcello Sgambelluri – http://therevitcomplex.blogspot.com/

The Shifter: Sean Burke (my old Revit warrior at NBBJ) – http://www.seandburke.com/blog/

And the most respected Early Revit Avenger: Phil Read

What’s Next?

The first RTC Asia will be launched in September in Singapore.  Don’t miss it !

5 responses to “RTC North America 2015

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  3. Hey, what a good reunion of Revit fanatics. Nice pictures, and nice blog article, as always. Thanks for sharing. Kelvin, it was very nice to see you and Phil. I regret having the chance to see the group of founders of Revit. That was something especial for this event. Hope to see you in another future event. I am glad to see that you are writing again in your blog. I hope to resume writing in mine when work slows down a bit. 🙂

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