Dimension Reliability

Just discovered this last week from a project which the accuracy is set to the highest. I used to rely on Revit’s precision and trust the dimensions Revit gives me.  The elements were drawn exact.   I can set the precision with rounding 0 decimal places.

If I reset the precision to 12 decimal places (maximum Revit can allow), I expect Revit will give dimensions exactly as before with 12 zero after the decimal point.  However I am disappointed that Revit is giving the wrong values.


I found out it is weird that these dimension values change as the dimension string is moved.  That means the dimension is not reporting the exact value.DIMENSION5DIMENSION6

OK.  Let’s reset the precision with rounding 11 decimal places.


Everything is back to normal.  Now I have learned a lesson.  Don’t be a precision freak!

Also Steve Stafford has written something about this in his Revitoped blog.  Thanks Steve for sharing.  http://revitoped.blogspot.com/2014/01/accuracy.html


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