Pumpkin 2013


Pumpkin again.  Thanks Zach Kron for awarding PumPin Head the “Baddest” in the 5th Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving.  This year I tried to blend the Pin Head (Hellraiser 1987) with pumpkin.

The Scalable Profile Again

This is another way to scale a profile.  Starting with adaptive component family template, create two identical parametric rectangles with reference lines on the front elevation, on left and right sides, with instance parameters Width and Height.


Create two void surfaces with the rectangles.  Divide the surfaces, each with 20 by 20.


Turn on the nodes on the divided surfaces.


Draw the profile with spline by snapping on the nodes.


Change values of the parameters, the profile is scaled with width and height independently.  As the surfaces change with width and height, the U V grids and nodes follow and so do the splines which stick with the nodes.


The Head

Nest the profile into another adaptive component family.  Place the profile on the Center (Front/Back) reference plane.  Create parameters Width and Height (both instance parameters).  Associate the parameters of the profile family with them.  Select the outline of the head and create solid form by revolve.


The Eyes, Nose and Mouth

Select the lines of the eyes, nose and mouth, create void forms.  Associate void length with parameters.


The Pins

Create the pin family with another adaptive component template.  Simply a solid extrusion with a circle.


Placing the Pins

Divide the surfaces of the head.  Turn on original surface and nodes.


Nest the pin familiy into the head family.  Place a pin on one of the node.  Repeat the pin.


The Parameters and Formulas

Associate the pin dimension parameters with the parameters in the head family.  Set formulas to control parameters by relationship with Width.


Create pumpkins with different values of Width and Height.


Happy Pumpkin:)  Also see the pumpkin 2012.


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