Swat Continues


I have been inactive for 2 months.  Have been too busy relocating to Hong Kong, trying to adapt to the fast mode of both daily life and work.  Wake up!  Revit Swat team has to continue.  New challenges in a new work place.

This is a play with text again (I did “goodbye” text cut out in the last post).  The characters 继续 mean “continue” in Chinese.  How to make these texts in different sizes float in space and arrayed radially?

Nothing really complicated, just old school curtain wall.


The grids are placed to make the width of the panel progressively getting wider as moving to the right and the height getting taller as going upward.  The curtain panel is simply a nested family with model text and this family is oriented to the diagonal of the panel.


The size of the text is also related to the length of the diagonal (calculated by Pythagoras Theorem with reporting parameter “Panel Width” and “Panel Height”) with a formula.


In this way, when the diagonal changes orientation and length, the text will follow.  Moving one step further, with a curved curtain wall a more interesting pattern of floating texts is created.



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